The COVID19 pandemic has set before us new, previously unknown challenges. It completely changed the current work organization routines, as well as our professional and private life.

For all of us it is an exam on how to act in crisis situations. Every day we prove that we are able to fulfill our obligations to business partners while maintaining the highest possible level of health and safety.

All our construction works are on schedule and we make every effort to ensure that this does not change in the future. Thanks to the early analysis of the situation and taking decisive action, we quickly adapted KARMAR to new conditions. We have adapted our Health & Safety procedures to strict internal regulations, significantly exceeding national regulations.

The safety of our employees business partners has always been our top priority. We operate in accordance with the highest safety standards introduced by the Bouygues Construction group. We have introduced in the office and on all implemented projects, among others:

We all know that the specifics of our industry prevents the universal introduction of the # stayhome rule. Many of our employees are #masked instead. Every day, we make sure that they remain secure during work.