SAFETY DAY 2019 – a pan-European campaign organized by Bouygues Batiment France-Europe – began on our construction sites. This unique event aims to introduce and promote a common health and safety policy.

In matters related to safety, we do not intend to make any compromises, because the life and health of our employees and subcontractors is our absolute priority . We are consistent in action, and our goal is ZERO accidents on our construction sites . Every day we strive to improve the safety of our construction sites, because we know that our daily activities translate directly into our lives and health.

We are introducing a new health and safety policy common for the entire Bouygues Batiment France-Europe. It consists of four main commitments:

  • Control of the main threats related to all construction works
  • Raising the safety level of all our partners
  • Improve the organization of work on construction sites to protect health and increase efficiency
  • Achieving leadership in the field of health and safety at all levels of the company and in all services offered

Our activities are accompanied by the slogan We Are One , which refers to the need to cooperate with all participants of the construction process in shaping the global health and safety culture in the company. Only thanks to our commitment we can achieve our goal, which is to become a leader in the field of Health & Safety.