On May 13, the 6th edition of Safety Week began at the construction sites of companies forming the Agreement for Safety in Construction. An exceptional, nation-wide initiative that has permanently inscribed in the landscape of the construction market, gathering thousands of participants and uniting more and more environments. Honorary patron of the Security Week has taken the Chief Labor Inspector.

Safety Week is the largest initiative of the Agreement. Last year it covered almost 40,000 employees. This year, twelve general contractors, three associate members and numerous local agreements are involved.
Construction is one of the industries where accidents in the workplace occur most often. And although for several years the number of accidents has been steadily declining, according to the National Labor Inspectorate, in 2013, half a thousand people were injured in accidents at work and as many as 70 lost their lives. The unchanging target of the Agreement is to achieve zero deaths on Polish construction sites. The Safety Week will include, among others first aid trainings, workshops and presentations of occupational safety practices at construction sites, security demonstrations and lectures by PIP inspectors.
This year’s slogan „Never go shortcuts” is not accidental. In spite of accidents on construction sites, we can encounter extremely irresponsible behaviors and violations or omissions of procedures. As a result, employees on projects lose their health and even their lives. The Agreement will change that.