Linkcity Poland is a development company, focusing on urban areas by creating residents-friendly projects, respecting the nature of the place and the natural environment.

At Linkcity, we combining in our projects the needs of investors with the expectations of local communities and users. We believe that the best results are achieved by creating connections between future residents, tenants, clients, partners as well as local communities, taking into account the needs and expectations of all groups, regardless of the scale of the project.

We implement projects of various sizes and characters. From new developments of individual buildings, through the revitalization of post-industrial facilities, to urban tissue projects that affect large areas of cities. We can design buildings tailored to the needs of all recipients. Our projects take into account international standards, such as: European BREEAM environmental certification or American LEED environmental certification.

In Poland, Linkcity focuses on projects that meet the needs of the residents. Creating a good space for living. Our projects include both student houses and flats for commercial and social rental, as well as homes for seniors. Thanks to international competences and experience of Bouygues Group we are able to execute any type of a property, creating comfortable places to live, modern work spaces, or projects with the highest degree of complexity, such as laboratories and data centers.

International portfolio of projects: