Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you about the failure of the KARMAR IT Systems lasting from 30th January 2020. Therefore, the operations of some functionalities of our IT systems, including corporate e-mail, is significantly disturbed.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or, if required, send us a message to the temporary created mailboxes as mentioned below:

1. – matters related to commercial relations

2. – matters related to ongoing tenders and offers proceedings,

3. – matters related to defects and service on projects,

4. – matters related to cooperation with Wrocław Branch,

5. – matters related to business cooperation with Linkcity Polska,

6. – matters related to financial statements,

7. – matters related to human resources and communication,

8. – matters related to inquiries to the legal cases,

9. – other current matters,

10. – matters related to accidents and incidents on the construction sites.

We will inform you immediately about the restoration of functionality of our IT network.
If you have any questions about the IT systems failure, please contact us on: +48 723 098 511
We apologies for any inconvenience.